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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Riah's Subtracting Integers Scribe Post Range (-99)-(+99) Worksheet (D)

 If you have a larger number you might want to put the integers on a number line instead of tiles. In order to be able to show removing integers on a number line you need to change the integer behind the negative sign into the opposite so for example (-95) - (+15) = (-95) + (-15)= (-110)

(-37) - (-13)
standard form 
-37 - (-13)

(-30) - (-10)
standard form
-30 - (-10)

(+24) - (-83)
standard form
+24 - (-83)
(-7) - (+75)
standard form
-7 - 75

(-35) - (+98)
standard form
-35 - 98

Here's a video that can help you understand more about integer subtraction


  1. Great Post Riah! I really like how your pictures show how to get to the answer. Also, I really like how you've boxed your zero pairs! Overall, excellent work!

  2. Good job Riah! I like the way you added a video to your post. I also like how you explained how to do the equivalent statement. Nice pictures using number lines too!

  3. Good job Riah! I like how you showed your work as to how you got your answers. I also like how you included their equivalent statements and standard forms.

  4. Good Job!! Your pictures helped me a lot. It was easy to understand. Your video explained a lot also. Next time you should add a game for others, and myself, to play.



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