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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rain's Fraction Scribepost

When you're dividing fractions, you're seeing how many groups of what go into what.
Or how many equal pieces of chocolate are shared among a certain amount of people.
Here are some examples:

10 divided by 5, or 10 groups of five = 2

How many 5s go into 10? Or how many equal parts of 10 can be shared among 5 people?

A quick trick is to divide the first fraction by the second fraction, but flipped over; the reciprocal of the second fraction.

Here is a video about how to divide fractions.

And here is a fun fraction game.

My Test Corrections
I actually got the very first question incorrect, but that's because I wasn't careful to write the right number for the question.

That's what I did.

What I should have done was this:

Then I got the question about how many bits equal 16 bytes?
I did a series of tedious multiplying and dividing all for nothing because I didn't even read the question right. So this is what I should have done:

Because each bit is 1/8 of a byte. And I had to find out how many bits were in 16 bytes.

And lastly I didn't get wording the first of the three bottom questions right.
I said "How many groups of 5/6 are in 1/2?" but that's a division type question. What I should have wrote was "What is 1/2 groups of 5/6?" to make it a multiplying question.

That is all.


  1. In your post I liked that you tried explaining it in different ways. I liked how you made a picture and put different colors to show the 5 equal groups of 2. I also that you put a video and linked a website to a fraction game.

  2. Good job! I really like how you made your picture colorful and easy to understand. I also like how you made all the key points bold in your sentences and how you added a video and a fun game to help us learn more.

  3. In your post i liked how you explained 10/2 using a picture and how you used 2 different colours to show the equal groups.

  4. Awesome post! Your post was very easy to understand since you highlighted the important words. I also liked how you explained the question by using a picture and you also filled them in with different colours which makes your post look interesting. You also used Mahalo which makes great YouTube videos on how to do stuff and also explains them with detail.

  5. Good job Rain! Your post was great! I liked how you made the important words bold, and how you gave examples. Your picture was pretty because you made it colourful but still easy to understand. And I also really liked your video, its a good trick and i`m sure it will help a lot of us. Good job and keep it up!

  6. Good job Rain! I like how you showed 10/2 using a picture. Also how you used a lot of colors to show the groups. You made the important words bold so they would stand out. Which was great also! I really like your post! Keep up the good work!

  7. Good Job! I liked how you showed us the important things and explained it properly. I really liked your video and the fraction link.

  8. Amazing work Rain, you made it really clear, i like how you put colours in the picture and the video had so much detail good choice(:

  9. Great job Rain! You explained everything clearly! I like how you added a video and a link!



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