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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Riah's Fraction Scribepost

Math Textbook chapter 6.5 page 228&229 questions 12,13,and 20

 Make sure that if you have a question including a whole number  you write it over 1 in order to be able to multiply and for a mixed number, convert it to a a proper fraction (top heavy fraction).


Here's a video about dividing fractions

Here is a game to help you practice diving fractions 

My Test Corrections

 In a computer terminology, a bit is 1/8 of a byte. How many bits equal 16 bytes?

Tamar had 1/2 of an apple pie in her refrigerator. She at 1/4 of this piece of pie. What fraction of a whole pie did she eat.
 5/6 x 1/2 (use a question, picture, and math)
5/8 / 1/4 (use a question, picture, and math)


  1. Good job, you put effort into this and it shows, good job at the pictures it really helped good job at the video it help also.

  2. Good job Riah! I like how you showed how you got your answers. I also like how you circled your final answers and how you included a video to help us learn better.



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