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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dakota's scribe post

3 explain how this diagram shows that 3/5 / 1/7 is between 4 and 5

because the shaded part of the 5ths compares 1/7 times 5 =5/7

6 use diagrams to show the quotient of each statement a9/10 / 1/5

b 1/4 / 3/8
c 1 2/3 /1/2
d 2 3/4 / 2/3
8 divide the following questions
b)4 1/2 / 1 1/4    9/2x4/5=36/10=18/5
c)10 / 2 1/2             10/1x2/5=20/5=4/1=4


  1. I didn't really understand it because you didn't put enough information and it's a little bit messy.

  2. I like how you explained the answers but i sometimes dont understand the picture because some of them have lines that shouldnt be there, or should be there but just uneven

  3. your scribe post is okay. it's kind of messy and a bit hard to see the pictures because it's a bit small or out of place. next time you should add a game & video but good job anyway dakota!

  4. Your post was alright. It was hard to understand the pictures because its small and messy. I also think you could of explained it more. But overall good job..

  5. Your post was okay. It was pretty hard to understand the pictures because they where messy, and small. Next time explain more about the picture. Also add a game, and video. But overall Good Job Dokata!

  6. I think your scribe post is okay. I had trouble understanding your post because you didn't explain how you got your answers. Next time you can improve by explaining your work, including a video, making clearer pictures, and by organizing your work in a neat way.

  7. Good job Dakota, your post was okay, I did not understand the pictures in the post but you did put effort into this so good job.

  8. Good job Dakota, but coming from you i think you can do a better job that this. I think you didn't explain very well and also your pictures were hard to understand. Some of the pictures were kind of mixed together in a way that you can't understand it. Like what others said your pictures were messy.

  9. I think you should've explained things more with words. The pictures kind of confused me. I think you should add a video next time. You did an okay job though!

  10. good job dakota, but i can't understand the pictures, and you should put a video next overall good job

  11. I have to say your post is just okay. I really can't understand what the pictures mean, and you didn't explain it enough. Next time, I suggest you make the diagrams easier to understand, and explain it more. Put a video and a link next time.

  12. Good job! I think you should have put more explanation into it though so we can understand what you're doing better. Your pictures are kind of confusing to me. I think you should have embedded a link and put a game in with it.

  13. Great Job overall! But next time you should organize your pictures because it became a little confusing.



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