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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shaira's Fraction Scribe Post

Textbook 228-229

10. Divide

11. In a comedy review, each performer has a 1/4 h slot. how many performers are there in a 2 h slot?

13. Three quarters of a can of apple juice fills six glasses. How many glasses will a whole can of apple juice fill?



My Test Correction

Solve the following questions. make sure to simplify all answers.

Tamar had 1/2 of an apple pie in her refrigerator. She ate 1/4 of this piece of pie. what fraction of a whole pie did she eat?

Use a question, picture and math to solve the following questions.


  1. Good job you put effort into this and it shows you did good at explaining and the video was good, but you should add pictures so it would help more.

  2. Good job Shaira! I like how you showed your work and how you added a video to help us understand better. Next time, you can improve by including pictorial representations.



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