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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oliver's Integer Scribepost.

Column 1

Q. (-6) + (-9) = (-15)

I got this answer by looking at it like it is normal addition.
(6+9=15) after you have done that you have to remember to look back on whether it is negative or positive, in this case it is negative. So you got to put the negative symbol.

3 ways to model

O= positive
o= negative

1. first, the have and owe method.    
 (-6) + (-9) = (-15)                               
owe 6  and owe 9
To determine whether you owe something or have something is by looking at the number you have. If there is a take away symbol in front that means you owe.If there is nothing or a Plus symbol in front that means you have.
2. Second is the integer chips/tiles, or timbits and doughnut holes.
 (-6) + (-9) = (-15)
oooooo (-6)
ooooooooo (-9)
First you have to draw what you start off with, which in this case is (-6) then I added (-9).
3. The number Line.
 (-6) + (-9) = (-15)

             + (-9)
The thing with a number line is that always remember to start at zero. The next thing you do is to create an arrow going toward your first number. Then when you are adding to that number you have to create another arrow, this time you have label the arrow with what you are adding.

Q. (+7)+(+4)=(+11)
i figured this out really easy because thi question is just normal addition.

1. (+7)+(+4)=(+11)
   have 7  and  have 4
This question is really simple, it is just normal addition.
7+4=11 is the same as (+7)+(+4)=(+11), it just looks more complicated because of all the extra stuff surrounding it.
O= positive
o= negative
All you have to do is draw 7 positive O and underneath you draw 4 more because that is how much you are adding.
                                           + (+4)
Always remember to start at zero. Then put your first arrow on the starting number. then create your next arrow and label with how many you are adding.
To answer this question, I looked at it as i it was a subtraction question. (+4) - 1 = 3.
    owe 1 and have 4
If you have more "haves" then "owes", and that means you answer will be positive.

O= positive
o= negative

In this question there is a zero pair. a zero pair cancels out each other value.
so the one negative cancels out with one of the four positives which leaves 3 positive left.

 < -------
       + (+4)
Always remember to start at zero. Your first arrow goes to your starting number. your next arrow goes to your final answer. Remember that on your second arrow you have to label it with how much you are adding.

O0o0o0o0o00o0o0 Get scared her is a SPIDER match adding integer game.


  1. Good job Oliver! I like how you explained how you got your answers. I also like how you included a video and a link to a game to help us understand better.

  2. Great job Oliver! I liked how you highlighted the important words and good job for explaining how you got your answer.



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