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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Melvin's fraction scribe post

 In class we learned more on dividing fractions. The first thing we did was looking over our homework that I will talk about later.When a whole number is being divided by a fraction you can not use the sharing  technique.When dividing whole numbers with fractions first turn the whole number into a fraction by making it a improper fraction by making it over 1 for ex. 4 divide by 1/4, 4/1 divided by 1/4.When we use a number line you have to make the denominator the same and keep adding the which fraction you have on each tick. For example if you have 12 divided by 6 you could rephrase it by making it how many groups of 6 go into 12 equally.Also we learned about the term reciprocal which means the fraction that is multiplied that creates a product of 1 for example: 1/8x 8/1= 8/8 = 1. Dividing fractions is basically the same as multiplying the fraction by its reciprocal.
The homework for today is:
7 divided by 1/3 ----l
9 divided by 1/5       l
10 divided by 3/4     l------------ needs to be shown in two
1/4 divided by 2       l                   different ways of writing.Only answer
2/3 divided by 4       l                   it once guys.
12 divided by 2/3     l
8 divided by 2/5 -----

here's a video that should help 
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

some more explanations that are much more clear

 Fraction test corrections

In this question I didn't put the question in a different way
5/6= 5/12 
the question is : 5/6 x 1/2
The way to say the question  is : 5/6 groups of 1/2

5/8 divided  by 1/4 =  
 I put 2 and 1/4 when the real answer is
5/8= 5/8         
1/4= 2/8 6
How many times does 2/8 go into 5/8 equally?
2/8 go into 5/8, 2 and 1/8 times.
I also my work on the back of the paper was a bit messy and was unreadable so for 1/4 divided by 1/3 I put 3/4 and this is how I got my answer.

4,8, 12             12 is the common denominator

1/4 = 3/12  and 1/3 = 4/12
and 4/12 goes into 3/12 , 3/4 times


  1. Good Explanation! But you should add a pictorial representation on dividing fractions. And instead of making the video a link why not embed the video and make a link. But first learn how to make a correct link.

  2. Good job Melvin! You explained stuff well. But next time embed the video, add more colors, also add more pictures! But overall you did great! Keep up the good work.

  3. Good Job on the post Melvin! Your post is very detailed. Next time add more pictorial representation and embed the video another one is add a link. But still a good job though.

  4. I like how when you explained it to us you gave examples so it would be easier to understand. Next time you should add a video. But other than that, good job!

  5. Good job! I really like how you have lots of detail on it and explained it properly. You could have added more pictures for it though. Your link for the video though could be embedded properly next time though. A link for a game could be good too.

  6. great job! you have a lot of information in this one post, but next time it would be more helpful if there was a video, it would be more helpful and clear. but great job(:

  7. Good job! Your post had a lot of words and it made me able understand more about dividing fractions and I also like how you have used more than one example.

  8. Good job! I like how you explained with examples to help us understand better. Next time you can improve by embedding the video the right way and also adding a pictorial representation.

  9. Good Job! I like how you explained in detail, but you should have added a picture representation, to describe what you are doing.

  10. good explination but next time try to get the actual video on the post and try to find a game

  11. Good job, Melvin! I really like your explanations and how they're very understandable. They're also very helpful. Next time, put the embedded code in the html.

  12. Nice Job! You explained it really well, but you have less pictures and no video, try to add those next time.

  13. Great job Melvin I like how you explained everything but next time I suggest you embed the video instead.Also you should create more pictures. But other than that you did a good job.

  14. Great job Melvin! I like how you explained everything in great detail. Next time, you should create more pictures. You should also add a video. But overall, you did a great job!

  15. Good job Melvin. I like you you explained everything in great detail and it is easy to understand. Next time you should add pictorial and symbolic representations & learn how to embed a video.



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