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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marco's Fraction Scribepost

3. a) Model the division 1/2 divided by 2 using manipulatives or diagrams.

b) I chose this diagram because it is easy to do, but really helpful.

4. Determine each quotient using manipulatives or diagrams.



 7. A pitcher of orange juice is 2/3 full. If four students equally share the juice, what fraction of the full pitcher does each student get?

Have some fun with dividing fractions and play a game!

Here's a video on how to divide fractions using diagrams!


My Test Corrections

My mistakes for the test was the first two diagrams and my answer for the last question. I had a brain fart.

What I Should've Done:



  1. your scribe post is good. for the questions I would have explained how I got my answers with words as well instead of just a photo. You also should have put a watermark onto your pictures because other people could take it. But I like how you added a video and a game!

  2. Good job! I like how you used pictures to show how you got your answers, how you added a video to help us with questions like these, and how you included a link to a game. Next time, you can improve by giving explanations as to how you got your answers in words but other than that you did well!

  3. I like how you made pictures to show your answers. I also like how you added a video and a link to a game. Next time when you're explaining, show your work in different ways.

  4. Good Job! You could have added more information about what you did so we can understand it easier. Your pictures were simple and easy to get though. You also added a game and a video so that's good too.

  5. good job marco but next time please explain in words how to do the questions rather than just righting the question and the solution also some may have a larger benifit from a game

  6. Good Job Marco! I like how you added in pictures to show your work, but you could've explained more on how you got the answer. Overall, nice work!

  7. Nice work Marco! I like how you made your diagrams very clear and understanding. The video and the game are good too. Next time you should further explain how you got the answer in words other than just jumping to the answer. Other than that, well done.

  8. Nice work Marco! You put in a video on how to model them and you also did diagrams but maybe next time you should explain it in words instead of just explaining it using diagrams.

  9. Good job Marco you put effort into this with your good pictures, your examples, and your video.

  10. Great job Marco the pictures explained a lot and it helped so thank you. One thing you can work on is adding more explanations to the question on how you did it.

  11. Good Job! Your pictures were good and easy to understand. Next time you should put detailed explanations with your pictures.



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