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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My We Day Experience

My Overall Impression about the We Day event was that it was inspirational and amazing. I thought it was amazing because it was very organized, they spoke in such a moving way, and their performances were superb! 

The speakers who impacted me were Spencer West, Molly Burke and of course, Marc and Craig Kielburger. Spencer West is a man who lost his legs at the age of 5. He is an inspirational and a charismatic speaker who talks about the struggles he overcame after losing his legs, getting bullied, and how we never lost hope. He told us a story of how people underestimated him and were telling him that he was never going to make it to the top of the mountain, but he proved them wrong.
 He climbed the mountain with his 2 friends using only both his arms and hands and reached the very top. He said he felt really exhausted and just wanted to give up, but he didn't. That made an impact on me because I felt inspired on how he never gave up. It made me realize that I should always be thankful of what I have now before it's all gone. The 2nd person that impacted me was Molly Burke. Molly Burke is a speaker was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. Retinitis Pigmentosa is a retinal disease that causes loss of vision. She was only 4 years old when she got diagnosed with this disease. She began public speaking at the age of 5 and has inspired thousands of people since then. She talked about how she got bullied by the "popular girls" from her old school at the age of 14. She made an impact on me because even though she's blind, she's still cheerful and always positive. Marc and Craig Keilburger are brothers and they started We Day. They also started the organization "Free the Children." They impacted me because they made me realize that a lot of people around the world are wanting for your attention and help, and that you can make a change. They inspired me to become a better person. They also taught me that you should fight for what you believe in if you think it's right. 

 I also liked the music they had there. Shawn Desman,Victoria Duffield, Lights, Justin Nozuka, All Star Weekend, One Drop, and a few other people performed on stage and it was just so amazing! I really enjoyed it even though I didn't know all of them. Out of all of them, I enjoyed Shawn Desman's performance the most. He sang "Nobody Does It Like You" and I heard a lot of girls scream their hearts out. 

 I also liked One Drop's performance. While this lady was performing, this cool necklace they put in everyone's We Day bag started lighting up. It looked really cool in the dark and I was amused.

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