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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My We Day Experience

My Overall Impression about We Day was it was an inspirational event for me. On October 30, 2012 I got the chance to go to the Mts Center to listen to many people's life stories. I learned about many people around the world. It was fun to listen to all the singers that preformed. I took lots of pictures and videos of the speakers and most of the performers. The people at we day taught us how to do the " We Day Dance ". I liked how they let us use our phones for taking pictures/videos, texting and to tweet. People from Much Music were there and they let us take pictures with them and get their autographs. Their names were Phoebe Dykstra and Scott Willats. We Day was a really memorable day for me and to help me remember the experience, I bought a We Day shirt. Also, they gave us bags with things in it that tell us about We Day. Two of my favorite things in the bag were the We Day book and this cool Water Drop Necklace from RBC. At first everyone thought it was broken until they turned them on all at the same time. Then when I got home, Selena tweeted that she found out that the necklace turns on by using a television remote, I tried it and I was so amazed because it worked!! We Day was a really fun day because I got to spend it with a lot of my friends and my teachers Mr. Dawson, Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Harbeck! I liked it when Jesse Giddings said Hi to us!!!!!!!!! It was really fun to be at We Day and I'm really glad that I was one of the people that got to experience it!


Speakers that impacted me the most were Mikhail Gorbachev, Molly Burke, Justice Sinclair, Spencer West, and Marc and Craig Kielburger. They impacted me because of their stories. Mikhail Gorbachev inspired me because of how he helped stop the Cold War. Mikhail Grobachev was the President of Russia, and all he wanted was peace. He didn't just stop the war in Russia but, he stopped the war in many parts of the world. He wanted to stop all the nuclear weapons in the war. After hearing about what he's done, it just amazed me so much how just even one person can make the biggest change. The next person who inspired me was Molly Burke. When she came on the stage she talked to us about how when she went to school, the "popular girls" asked her to hang out with them. At that time she was using crutches because of an injury. The girls brought her to the forest. They started laughing and then they took her crutches and broke them. Molly was left on the ground and she couldn't help herself up. After that story, they turned off the lights and she told us that she was blind. She said that she felt alone when she got bullied. I was surprised because she made it seem like nothing was wrong when she was talking to us. After she finished with her speech we got to see her guard dog. I like Molly because she is a very strong lady, and I also like how she is standing up for herself and others who are victims of bullying. The third person that has inspired me was Justice Sinclair. He inspired me because he was standing up for the Aboriginal People. He told us about how schools were before and how they made you forget about who you are. They made you forget about your cultures and religion. I learned that Justice Sinclair was the first Aboriginal judge. I like Justice Sinclair because he wasn't just standing up for himself, but he was standing up for his people and he was trying to change the perspective in how people see the Aboriginal People. The fourth person that inspired me was Spencer West. It's truly amazing how even though he lost his legs, he has done so many great things. I like how he told us about him climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, he said that some people doubted him, but that didn't stop him from trying to reach his goal. He ended up reaching the top of the mountain. I think that he was trying to tell us that you should never give up on what you want to do even if people tell you that you can't do it. You should always believe in your self and fight for what you believe in. Last but not least were Marc and Craig Kielburger. They're the one's who started the organization " Free The Children ", they're also the founders of We Day. They've helped so many children and people around the world. Marc and Craig Kielburger inspired me to make a change. They were only kids when they started and they've gone so far. I like Marc and Craig because they took a stand and fought for what they believed. The Kielburger brothers are hero's to so many people around the world, including me!

I thought that the music at We Day was really good too. There were performers many performers, like Shawn Desman, Lights, Justin Nozuka, All Star Weekend, Victoria Duffield and more. It was fun listening to them. I didn't know all of the people preforming, but they we're still really good. It was like having mini concerts. My favorite song that played was " Nobody Does It Like You ".I took lots of pictures and videos of them performing. I was mostly screaming the whole time especially when Shawn Desman came on. I thought it was really funny when Lights came on because Selena was screaming so much, she was like Lights' biggest fan in the Mts Center!

 Marc and Craig Kielburger also talked about rights. They told us about how women barely had any rights. Only men were aloud to vote and people thought it would be silly to have a vote from a women. But there was a woman named Nellie McClung who thought it wasn't fair. She started the " Women's Suffrage Movement ". For 20 years, she has been trying to get women to have the same rights as men. I like how Nellie McClung tried to make people see that we're all equal, and we should have the same rights whether men or women. One of her quotes were " Never retreat, Never explain, Never apologize. " I really like how she tried to show that girls can do what boys can do too. After they talked about Nellie McClung, they told us about the Laws. The laws were; Law of We, Law of Will ,Law of Few.

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