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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Madelaine's Analyzing Graphs of Linear Equations Scribepost

Today's Notes

How to make/label a graph properly

Table of values

When labeling, the x axis always comes first then the y afterwards. Even when its a sideways table. Make sure to always have what the axes represent on the table as well.

Show You Know pg. 335 & Communicate the Ideas # 2

Show You Know 

a. The pattern I see in the graph is that  x 2=y.

b. The cost per notebook is $2. I know because on the graph that one notebook costs $2

c. Table of Values 

d. No its not possible to have to have points between the ones on the graph because you can't buy 1 half of a notebook

Communicate the Idea 

2. Every hour in Vancouver the temperature increases by 2 degrees Celsius. At 8 am, the temperature was 0, then at 9 am the temperature was 2 degrees Celsius.


  1. Good job on the post Maddie! But I think you should highlight the important notes and I suggest putting in the question too. Oh, and aren't you suppose to also explain how the Linear Equations work?

  2. Pretty good work Maddie. I think adding the pictures helped the most but you should add the notes that we had today. With that being said overall it was pretty good.

  3. Amazing job Maddie! This post is great. one thing I recommend is that, put a video or fun links.

    Great job though!

  4. I think you did a graet job maddie, i liked the description in the picture but you could have maybe put in numbers on your chart. but great explaining(: .

  5. Good job madie! I really liked how your work was organized so it was easy to understand and i agree with kathleen maybe you should highlight the important parts.

  6. good job madie! you're work was really organized but next time you should add a game or video to help us learn more. But you still did a great job explaining.

  7. Good Job Madie! I like how your post was easy to understand! But next time elaborate more on it...I also should suggest that you should add a video and a link to your post. Work harder next time :)

  8. Good job Maddie! I like how you made your scribepost well organized and neat. I also like how you explained and labeled your work. Next time, try to include the questions from the textbook and a video or a game.

  9. Great Job! I like how you explained the notes along with a picture. Next time, you could put the numbers for the intervals just so people know how it's supposed to be.

  10. I like the way you explained how you found the answer. I think that next time you should add a video incase someone else doesn't understand it.

  11. Very good work Madie.I truly like how you explained the notes along with a picture.In my opinion please next time add a videos.The Equation

  12. Nice explanations. YOu are just missing a video and a link. Thank you



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