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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reiner's Analyzing Graphs of Linear Relations Scribepost

Mathlinks Textbook 8: Page 339, 10-12 Questions

A) No, it is not reasonable. It does not make sense if you purchase 4 cakes as $93 - 94 if 1 cake cost $31. If you purchase one cake with flowers and buy 3 more, it should be the same price.

B) There should only be one because, if 1 is 31 and 3 is 93-94, the number between the 2 numbers is 2 so, there should only be one.

A) The co-ordinates for point W is 40, 2.

B) It shows the 2% of the Annual Interest.

C) The pattern shown in the graph is basically dividing x with y. So the pattern is dividing 20 from a number in the x axis.

A) (See chart below)

B) The pattern shown in the chart above is multiplying x with y. The x axis is being multiplied by 4 which gives that skip counting with 4 effect.

C) It's probably possible because points can be between points that have been put in the chart. For example, if you put an extra point in 1, basically put that point in 1, 3.

D) It's possible. The linear relations in the chart is that the side and perimeter of a square or something else is equal. But as you can see, 28 and 31 has been put after 5, but, you can still keep going on a grid paper until you get to 31, 124.


  1. Great Job Reiner! I really like your explanations! That tells me that you really understand it! I also like how you added colour in your post! But next time, to make your post better, I suggest you add a video and a link! Overall, good job!

  2. Good job Reiner! I like how you made your explanations easy to understand and how you made your post well organized. Next time, try adding a video or a link to a game to help us practice and understand linear relations better.

  3. Great Job Reiner! I liked how you elaborated when explaining your answer and also how you highlighted points to show your emphasis. Next time, you could add a video or a link to a game, explaining more about this topic.

  4. Good job on explaining how you got the answers. On your chart for the one's where you said it's skip counting, the answer for perimeter when the side length is 28, should be 112, not 114 because 28 multiplied by 4 is 112.

  5. Good post Reiner. You have shown how to solve the questions properly. Please add a video and a link to help us become better students.

  6. Great job Reiner! I like how you explained how you got your answers and next time maybe you could add a video or link to help the class understnd more.

  7. Nice post Reiner. You should add a video and maybe a game to help us learn more about what we are learning about.



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