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Monday, February 11, 2013

Rain's Algebra Scribepost

Homework Booklet
Chapter 9.1 page 104-105

1. Complete a table of values for the graph.

5. Complete the sentences to describe the graph below.

a) The height of a one-storey building  is  3 m, a  2  -storey builing is 6cm high,
a three-storey building is  9 m, ...

b) The points appear to lie in a straight line . The line shows a  linear  relation.

c) The graph shows that to move from one point to the next, you go   1   unit horizontally, and   3   units vertically.

d) Complete the table of values for this graph.

6. The graph shows the cost of gasoline based on the volume of gas.

a) Does the graph show a linear relation? Explain.
Yes the graph does show a linear relation because the points form a straight line.

b) The graph shows that for every five units horizontally, you go  7.5  units vertically.

c) Complete the table of values from the graph.

d) Would it be reasonable to include a point for 7 L? Explain.
Yes, it would be reasonable because you can certainly buy 7 L of gasoline.

e) What is the cost of gasoline per litre?
$7.50 divided by 5 = $1. 50 /L

f) If the graph continued, what would be the cost of
25 L?
$7.50 x 5 = $37.50
30 L?
$7. 50 x 6 = $ 45.00

7. The graph shows the maximum number of customers based on the number of tables in the restaurant.

a) Title the graph.
I titled it "Number of Customers based on Tables" and put a pretty star beside it.

b) Describe the patterns on the graph. Does the graph show a linear relation?
It shows that for every one unit you move horizontally, you move 4 units vertically.

c) Complete the table of values for the graph.


  1. Good Job Rain! I like how you emphasized your explanations by bolding the words. Next time you could add a link to a video or a game.

  2. Good job Rain! I like how your post is well organized and how your explanations are easy to understand. Next time, try to add a link to a game or try to include a video.



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