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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jethro's Algebra Scribepost

 9.3 Chapter Review, Questions: 7 and 8

7. Klaus works after school. 
The graph shows his rate of pay.

a) Make a table of 
values from the graph

b) Does the graph represent a linear relation? Explain.

c) Is it possible to have 
other points between
 the ones on this graph? 


b)  Yes, because the ordered pairs are in a straight line, and also because the y axis has the same repeating pattern the goes up by 9 and so does x but x goes up by 1's

c)  Yes, because time (h) has minutes and pay ($) has cents,
 so when you put points in between it will still be okay.

8.  The graph shows a linear relation.

a) Describe what the graph is about.

b) Describe patterns on the graph.

c) What is the cost of 1 car wash?

d) Make a table of values from the graph.

e) If 15 cars are washed what is the income for the grade 8 class


a) The graph is about a Grade 8 car wash and how many income they will get per car.

b) The x axis goes up by 1. The y axis goes up by 10. It is a linear relation. Over 1, up 10

c) The cost of 1 car wash is $10.


e) The income would be $150 because 10x = y

9.3 Chapter Test, Questions: 9 and 10


9. The pattern can be represented by the formula b = 4f  where b is the number of black dots and f  is the figure number.

a) Make a table of values for the number of black dots in figures 1 to 5

b)  Use the formula to determine the number of black dots in figure 60.


 b)                4f = b                  Formula
                    60f = b                 Fig. 60 = ? black dots
                    60(4) =             60x4 = ? black dots
                       240                   240 black dots

10. The formula for the pattern below is s = 2f1, where s is the number of small square and f is the figure number
a) Make a table of values for the first five figures in the pattern.

b) Draw a graph to show a relationship.

c) Is the relationship linear? Explain.




c) Yes because the ordered pairs are in a straight line and because the x and the y axis are going at a consecutive value of numbers, x axis is going up by 1's and the y axis going up by 2's, even though it starts at 3 it's still okay as long as pattern is the same.

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