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Sunday, February 10, 2013

KIara's Alegbra Scriebpost

Notes that we did in class

 At the beginning of class we talked about the home work we where assigned the day before. 
Which was the graph for diagonal lines
 It says:
Let s = sections  
Let d = diagonal sections 

Section times 4 is diagonal section  
4s = d  

Also for homework we needed to do a Show You Know question as well. This is on page 344 of the textbook at the bottom. 


Page 345 Show You Know Question and solution:
Table 1 
 At the top of the chart (part A) it goes up by +3 
At the bottom part of the chart (part B) It goes up by +
So table 1 does show a Linear Relation 
+3  +9
At the top of the chart (part p) it goes up by +1 
At the bottom of the chart (part q) it goes up but +1, +1, +3 
So table 2 does not show a Linear Relatio

Next we did a solution on page 346

 It asked to show what the Linear Relation was
And as you can see here the linear relation for part n is +1 and for part c is +3 
Also if you have part n while you are trying to find the answer for part c. 
the expression is   2n+1  

a) Let n = subscriptions 
Let p = pay  
b) yes 
c) she will receive $160 is she sells 40 subscriptions 




  1. Good Job Kiara! I like how you have explained on how you got your answer. I like how made your own pictures to backup your answers! Good Job!

  2. Good job Kiara! I like how you made your own pictures and how your explanations are easy to understand. Next time, try to add a video or a link to a game.



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