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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cheryl's Algebra Scribepost

9.2 questions : 2, 4 , 6


a)Describe a real-life situation that matches the patterns in the table of values.

Brenda and her sister are selling cookies. Brenda and her sister share the money they get after selling the cookies. Each cookie costs $2.00. For every cookie sold, Brenda's sister takes her share of $1.00.

b) What does n and p represent in your situation?

Let n = Number of cookies
Let p = Pay ($)

Graph the order pairs in the table of values.

a)Graph the order pairs.

b) What's the difference in value for consecutive x-values and consecutive a-values?
The difference in the x values is 1. It's 1 because it starts from zero and goes 1,2,3,4 etc. To get from 0 to 1, you have to add 1.
The difference in the a values is 4. It's 4 because it starts from zero and goes to 4 and goes 8,12,16 etc. To get from 0 to 4 you have to add 4.

c) In words, describe the relationship between x and a.
The relationship between x and a is that you multiply by 4. You multiply by 4 because you have to multiply x by 4 to get a. Ex; x= 2, a=8You have to multiply 2 by 4 to get 8.

d) What is an expression for a in terms of x?
 An expression for a in terms of x is 4x   


  1. Good job Cheryl! I like how you made your own pictures to show your work and how your answers are well explained. I also like how you included a video to help us with algebra.

  2. Great Job Cheryl!! Your answers are well explained. Your pictures are kind of hard to understand. Next time you could add a link to a game.

  3. You did a good job on your scribe post. I like how you explained your answers thoroughly and that you added pictures.



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