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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reymel's Analyzing Graphs of Linear Relations Scribepost

Representing Patterns

This is the pattern for this question.

1. What are the three patterns you see in the design? 
The three patterns that I see in the picture are triangle, square, triangle.

2. How many squares and triangles are in this design? 
There are 10 squares and 20 triangles which is 30 shapes in total.

3. The design can be lengthened or shortened. Each section of the design must have only complete squares and triangles. If this design has ten sections, what does one section of the design look like?

The number of sections sorted out.


Vertical Section: section plus one is vertical sections

Horizontal Section: section times two is horizontal sections

Diagonal Section: section times four is diagonal sections


  1. Great Job Reymel! I like how you took a picture of your work and used that as pictures!Also, I really liked how you added colour to the higlight the important parts. Next time to make your post even better, I suggest you add a link to your post. Overall, great post!

  2. god job reymel! i how you took pictures of each section.

  3. Good job Reymel. Next time try explain things in your posts more so it will be easier to understand.

  4. Great job Reymel! I like how you highlighted the important parts and maybe you could explain more on your post but overall good job.

  5. Good job Reymel! I like how you included pictures to show your work and how you included a video. Next time, try to provide more explanation.

  6. Nice job on including pictures to show how you did your work and adding a video. Next you should explain your work a bit more. I also like how you highlighted the important keys.



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