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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kristina's Algebra Scribepost

Chapter 9 Review Page 360 Questions 7 & 9

b) It is a linear relation because all the points are in a straight line when they are connected and the pattern keeps on repeating.

c) It could be possible because Klaus could work part of an hour and gets a pay in his partly hour. 

a) Table of Values

a) The graph is about how much income the Grade 8's are  earning form having a car wash.

b)The pattern goes over 1 then up 10 in the chart so basically you have to  multiply C with I.

c)In the chart it says that 1 car is $10 so 1 car wash is $10.


e) So what you do here is you have to multiply 15 with 10 so the answer $150.

Chapter 9 Practice Test Page 362 Questions 2 & 3

My answer for this question is B because in the table of values the toothpicks in base is 1 and the toothpicks in perimeter is 3, so they got that because what they did is 3b and they did that to the rest.

My answer that I choose is C because the answer follows the same thing like the graph in this question.

Here is a video to help you understand more!

Here is a LINK too!

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