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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Errah's Algebra Scribepost

Chapter 9 review- questions 7, 8, 9, 10


B) Yes it shows a linear relation because it goes over and up in the same pattern every time
C) It wouldn't work to have points in between because in order to get Y(p) you need to multiply (x) by 9. (9x=y)

A) The graph is about a Grade 8 car wash. It includes the number of cars and the income for how many cars washed.
B) The pattern on this graph is over 1 and up 10
C) The cost of 1 car wash is 10 dollars

    E) 10x=y/x=cars y=income/ 10(15)=y/ 150=y
The income for 15 cars washed would be $150

A) The pattern is over 3 and up 9

C) 3x+2=y/ 3(2)+2=y/ 6+2=y/ 8=y
The value of y when x=2 is 8
D) 3x+2=y/ 3(5)+2=y/ 15+2=y/ 17=y
The value of y when x=5 is 17


B) A=up 1/B=up 4
C) 4A+1=B
you need to multiply (A) by (4) and add (1) in order to get (B)

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  1. Good Job Errah! I really like your explanations, you definitely described how you got to the answer! Also I really like how you added pictures too! To make your post even better, I suggest you embed a video, add a link and touch in some colour to your post! Overall, great job!



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