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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Analysing Graphs of Linear Relations

Today in Class 
In class today we learned about setting up your x axis and y axis. The y axis is the the vertical line and x axis is the horizontal line. Where you start is called the origin, (0,0). When you are labeling your x axis and y axis make sure you start writing from the origin and out. The plots you set out are called ordered pairs, (  ,  ).

We also learned about intervals, intervals is the space in between two points.

Another thing we learned about are recursive pattern. Recursive pattern is going down the table. Recursive pattern is used to find what the next number is on the table.

 Remember when labeling table of values x always go before the y. Also label what is x and what is y. A table of values can be standing up or laying down.

Another type of pattern we learned is the Functional pattern. The functional pattern is what is done to x to make y.

2.Every hour in Winnipeg snow rises up by 2. |If 10 cm of snow was already on the ground what is the level of snow after the third hour .

1. I think it is reasonable to have points in between the ones because there is only one number between each point. It will be easy to decipher where, for example in between 2 and 4 where 3 is.

1. I don't think it is reasonable to have points in between the ones because there three numbers in between each point. It will be harder to figure out where the numbers go. For example in between 4 and 8 where   5 is because you have little space.

Here is a game to practice.


  1. Awesome job Oliver! This is actually a good explanation of graphs. One thing I should recommend is that put links after the videos like games, more info, etc.

    Amazing Job thoguh

  2. great explaining Oliver, the information was detailed and understandable, i like how you put in a video it was great, i like how you uploaded pictures and highlighted the important parts, i would not change a thing.

  3. Great job Oliver! I really liked how you highlighted the important parts i also liked how your examples were clear and easy to read also good job for putting a video.

  4. Great job Oliver! I like how you highlighted the important parts so we know the main ideas of what we are working on. & it was a good idea that you added a game and a video as well.

  5. Good Job Oliver! Your explanations are well described,and I was able to understand them! I like how you higlighted the parts that were important, and I also liked how you added a game! But next time to make your post even better, I suggest you add links and make sure you include your name to the title! Overall, excellent job!

  6. Good job Oliver! I like how you highlighted the important parts in your explanation and how you made your scribepost easy to understand. I also like how you included pictures of your own and how you included a game.

  7. Great Job Oliver!! I like how you had a detailed explanation, along with highlighting the important parts. Your pictures were clear and easy to understand. Overall, you did a good job.

  8. I like the video that you added to your post. The other thing nice about your post is how you made it easy for us to understand what you were trying to say. Good job.

  9. Very well organized and explained. Great job!!!!!!!!!!



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