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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cheryl's Scribe Fraction Scribepost

#1.            3 1/6 divided by 1 2/3

 First you have to put it as a question. 
How many groups of 1  2/3 go into 3  1/6 ?

 When you're done that you have to estimate if your answer will be less than 1 or greater than 1

My estimate was that the answer will be greater than 1.

Next, you write it as a fraction.

You should change the mixed fractions into improper. 

When you finished writing it into a fraction, you have to make the denominator reciprocal. Once you've made the denominator reciprocal you have to make the numerator reciprocal too. After that you have to multiply the numbers at the numerator and at the denominator.

 Change 19/10 into a mixed fraction and you should get 1  9/10

# 2.        2/9 divided by 5/6

How many groups of 5/6 go into 2/9 ?

My estimate: Less than 1

Write it as a fraction

 Make them reciprocal, and then multiply them.


# 3.  1/10 divided by 1/5
 How many groups of 1/5 go into 1/10?

  My estimate: Greater than 1

Write as fraction

 Make the fractions reciprocal and then multiply.

If this didn't really help you then here's a website and game that could help you understand dividing fractions better. 


My Test Corrections



  1. Great job Cheryl! Your work is very well explained, I like how you did everything step by step. The diagrams you created are also well done. The game and video are helpful to better understand dividing fractions. Next time I suggest you make diagrams that actually prove how many times 1/5 goes into 1/10 (just used it as an example) Everything else is great!

  2. Nice work Cheryl! I like how your explanation was clear and very descriptive. I also liked how you added in a video to have a clear indication on how to divide fractions. Next time I suggest you actually add a pictorial representation of dividing fractions. Overall, excellent job!

  3. Good job Cheryl! I like how you explained your work step by step. I also like how you included a video and a link to a game to help us divide fractions. Next time you can improve by adding pictorial representations, but other than that you did well!

  4. Good job cheryl I can see that you put alot of work on your scribepost, one part I got confused was at the part when you were explaining about the reciprocals. I now know what you are trying say but i Think you should have worded it like this "Then you have to multiply the denominator by its reciprocal, and what ever you do to one sided you do to the other."
    Also next time I would suggest that you would show why you made that choice on estimating. Overall you did a good job.

  5. Good job Cheryl, I notice you put some effort into this and you did a good job with your explaining and the pictures are good and you have a video which is also good.

  6. Good job!I like how you explained how to do it,and you put a link to a game and you put a video to help us. Next time you should explain how you got the estimate. And everything else is great!

  7. Good job Cheryl! I like how you explained how to do everything. I think you should have more effort to make the pictures but it still shows everything just fine. Next time I think you should explain how you estimated. Other than that it's great!

  8. Good job Cheryl! Your explanations were very simple and easy to understand. Can you please explain how you estimated the numbers? I still don't get it. And awesome job on the diagrams!

  9. Good job, Cheryl! I like how you explained everything step by step and how they're easy to understand. I also like the video you picked and how it's very helpful. Also, the game you chose is fun too. Next time, I suggest you explain why you picked the estimation and also add a diagram.

  10. good job, cheryl. it has a god explanation and i understand how you did it. the video was very helpful, overall a great job.

  11. Great job Cheryl you explained everything in order and it was easy to understand. Next time you should add more pictures and explanations, but good job anyway.

  12. Good job! Your explanation was really easy to get and it helped me that you did it step by step. I like how you put a video to help us make it better and the game too.

  13. Great job Cheryl! I like how you explained what you were doing clearly and it was easy to understand. I also like how you added a video and a game to help us understand what we are doing better. Overall, your scribe post was well done. Next time I just suggest you to add pictorial representations and put watermarks on them.

  14. Good Job Cheryl!! Overall, you did good. Maybe next time you could add a link to a video.



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