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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Patricia R's Analysing Graphs of Linear Relations

9.2 Pattern in a Table of Values

Questions 14,16,18 (pg.350-351)

14) The following pattern continues.

A) Make a table of values showing the figure number and the number of squares for the first six figures.

B) Write an expression the number of squares in terms of the figure number. What does your variable represent?

C) How many figures of squares would be in Figure 20?

D) How many squares are in Figure 20 than in Figure 10?


 16) As you climb a mountain, the temperature drops one degrees celsius for every 150 m of increased height.
A) Copy and complete the table to show the relationship between height and temperature if the temperature at the bottom of a mountain is 20 degrees celsius.
B) Graph the ordered pairs.
C) How high have you climb if the temperature is 13 degrees celsius?
18) A community centre has a new banquet hall. The centre charges $5 per person to rent the hall.
A) Make a table of values showing the rental cost for 20,40,60,80 and 100 people.
B) Graph the ordered pairs.
C) What is an expression for the rental cost in terms of the number of people?

Here's a fun game about graphing linear relations, but this time you graph equations!
Also here`s a video to give you more of a better understanding about graphing linear relations/equations, and it gives you more information about the X and Y intercept!


  1. Great job on your post Patricia! I like the way you added pictures so it would be easier to understand. Next time write a little more explaining the things you did to find the answer.

  2. Great job Patricia! I like how your work was neat so it was easy to understand and good job for adding a video.

  3. Good job Patricia! I like how you included pictures to show your work and how your explanation's easy to understand. I also like how you included a video.

  4. Good Job! I liked how you have explained your answers. The pictures were clear to understand. Overall, good job.

  5. Good job on your post Patricia! The way you added pictures made it much easier to understand and you had good explanations for everything.



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