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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lachlan's Pay It Forward

Part 1 - What is "Pay it forward "?
  Pay it forward is when you do something nice for someone and you don't ask for something in return. Its a simple act of kindness from your heart and all you ask of the people you help is to "Pay it forward to someone else". It acts as a chain.

Part 2 - What was your act of kindness for pay it forward?
  I donated baked goods to Fred Douglas Lodge, the baked goods were made by my mother, her friends from her work and I. We made cookies, brownies, muffins, etc.

  Why did you choose this activity?
  I chose this activity because my mom told me she was having a bake sale at her work so I asked if we could  go donate food to people at the nursing home near my aunties so we went later that day. I chose this because I wanted to give the food we didn't want to the women and men there.

  Who did you help?
 We went at night so I don't really know who I gave food to because it was pretty late at night. I met a few of the residents and they said that they were very thankful.

  What did you do?
  We gave baked goods to nursing home resident because we didn't want to keep it all for ourselves.

  When did you do your act of kindness?
  My mom and I did this act of kindness on December 19th at around 10pm because I was at my friends and my mom was at work for a while.

  Part 3 - How did your act of kindness go?
 My act of kindness went great, the women there were really glad that we gave them these. All we really had to do was walk in and ask some of the residents who we could give that stuff to.

  What happened?
  Nothing really happened because it was pretty late at night and not many residents were awake.

  How did you feel?
  I felt very good to give food to people who may have wanted it.

  How did the person react?
  The people were excited to see people walk in to give them something that they didn't ask for.

  Did you ask the person to "Pay it forward"?
  I did ask them to pay it forward, they didn't really know what I meant by saying that but I explained and they promised me they would.

Part 4 - What is the idea of "Pay it forward"?
  The idea is to change peoples lives any good way it can. If the whole idea of Pay it forward went throughout the world, the world would be a much better then it is now.

  Had your act of kindness made a difference?
 I'm not sure if it made a big difference but I'm sure it did make a difference to the people there, the supervisor that was there was very happy that we did this and she was very thankful.

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