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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

John's Proportion Post

Part 1

Ratioscomparison of two quantities.
Doughnuts : Breadsticks 3:4
Breadsticks : Doughnuts 4:3
                Rate- compares two quantities measured in different units.
   Example - 1.69 per 100g or 1.69/100g   is a rate for purchasing bulk food
 - 72 beats/min is a "heart rate"

                                                            John runs 200 meters in 30 seconds

Proportion- is two equivalents -fractions

Part 2

5 hours to travel 150 kilometres is about 30 km/h.

Part 3

Part 5

1) Does this seem fair? 
No of course it's not. Even though robbing is illegal. I think the time he's given is way to much, 15 years over 100$ is ridiculous!
2) With what you know about proportion look and read what is in the image above. Does this seem fair? 
No but yes at the same time. That was his choice to rob the bank, but he only took 100$ and confessed the day after, He was desprate. Though robbing is illegal he shouldn't of gotten 15 years for 100$. 
3) Why have you made this choice?
I have made this choice because..... It is really not fair! (for the homeless man). The homeless man did not need to stay in jail for 15 years for stealing $100 from the bank. It's really unfair having to see a homeless man be in jail for 15 years for stealing $100 (which is still bad), and seeing a CEO who stole 3 billion dollars and staying in jail for only 40 months (3 years and 4 months). The homeless man clearly had a good reason to tell the teller why he was stealing, then the next day he volunteered/confessed himself to the police, he even said that he wasn't raised the way to steal.
4) What would you have done if you were the judge?
If I was the judge I would've gave him maybe 5 months, because he was in need and was desprate. And because he confessed the day after. For the man who stole 3 billion dollars only getting 3 years, i would've gave HIM the 15 years. That idiot deserves it. 


1) First of all, you have to measure the length and width of the traffic box. I took a ruler and measured the length and width of it.  9 cm length , 7 cm width .I multiplied them both and got 63.
63 peaches would fit into the box.

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