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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jasmine's Subtracting Integer Scribe Post Work Sheet 5 Questions From Second Column

Subtracting Integers OR Removing Integers 
"When subtracting something that isn't there you have to use a zero pair" 



  1. Good Job Jasmine! I like how your pictures show how you got to the answer! Also I lke how your numbers are really easy to see and your post is really organized! Overall, excellent work!

  2. Great job Jasmine. I like how you showed all your work and how you used integer chips in your pictures!

  3. Good job Jasmine! I like how your scribe post is well organized. I also like how you used integer chips to show your work. Next time, you can improve by adding a video or a link to a game to help us with equations like these.

  4. Great Job Jasmine I like how your work was organized so it was easy for me to understand I also like how you coloured the words negative and positive so it stands out.

  5. Good Job Jasmine! Your pictures explained a lot, which helped me understand easily. Next time you should add a video and/or a link relating to this topic.



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