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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reymel's Integer Post

Column 3 Questions (Q.)

Q. (-4) + (+4) = 0
       owe 4 and have 4
I got this answer using zero pairs.

O = Positive
O = Negative

OOOO     Will cancel each other out, which gives us 0.

 Q.(-6) + (-7) = (-15)
     owe 6 and owe 4
I got this answer by looking at the question first. It's just like an addition problem but with negative integers.

O = Positive
O = Negative

OOOOOO     add these together and you get 15 negative blue circles in total.  

Q.(+7) + (-9) = (-2)
      have 7 and owe 9
I got this answer by getting rid of the plus (+) sign and the brackets ( ). That would give me this equation, "+7-9" which is subtraction. Seven minus nine will give me negative two. Or if I use a zero pair, 2 negatives will be left.        

O = Positive
O = Negative

OOOOOOO  Zero pair first, then the answer.


Click here for a fun integer adding game!


  1. Good job Reymel! I like how you explained how you got your answers using integer chips. I also like how you included a link to a game and a video to help us understand better.

  2. Good job Reymel! I liked how you explained how you got your answer and great job for adding a video and link that helps you learn more about integers.



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