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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Keishawn's Integer Scribepost

 The 1st integer's
sign doesn't change. The 2nd integer's sign becomes opposite and so does the addition/multiplication/subtraction/division sign which in this case is subtraction, so now it's an addition statement. 

One negative integer plus one positive integer = Zero. For this question, I took 5 away from 8 and I got 3. I knew I owed more and so, I put a negative sign before 3.

The equivalent statement for this question is (-3) + (-3). The 1st integer didn't change but the subtraction sign and 2nd integer did

The equivalent statement is (+10) + (+5) = (+15)
Only the subtraction sign and the 2nd integer changed.

For this one, I just subtracted 6 from 9 and got 3. I knew I had more and so, I added a positive sign before 3.

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