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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reiner's Scribe Post #2

do you know how to do have and owe questions on an integer test? Well, now you can! Have and owe questions are easy. Remember, a positive integer is a HAVE and a negative integer is an OWE. For example:
Here's a question for you:

Have  and  Owe
10     +     (-9) Do you more or less? You have more because you only owe 9 dollars and you now have 1$ so you have more money for coffee at Tim Hortons.

If you have a question like this:

Owe  and  Owe
(-5)   +     (-10) Just remember that you don't have more because you owe 15 dollars to 2 people.

Here's some links on how to help you get started on Integers:

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