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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gabbey's Integers Scribepost

   I think it's wrong, because if you multiply (-5) with a negative integer, you'll get a positive product. Whenever you multiply a negative integer with another, you'll get a positive product, and if you multiply a negative with a positive, you'll get a negative product. 

A- (+2) x (+4) = (+8)                B - (+3) x (-5) = (-15)                                                          



A) (+10) x (+4) = (+40)   B) (+6) x (-5) = (-30)     C) (-7) x (+5) = (-35)       D) (-8) x (-4) = (+32)


  1. Good Job Gabbey!I like how you explained how to get your answer and also I really like how you have included a picture to show your work. Next time, to make your post even better, I suggest you embed a video about multiplying integers,and include a link! Overall, nice work!

  2. Good job Gabbey! Your pictures were easy to understand and your explanations were very good.



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