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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Patricia Rodriguez's Integer Scribe Post

Subtracting Integers Range (-99) to (+99)  (D)       
3 questions from Column 2 or 3

(-12) - (-6) =


(+29) - (-9) =


(+11) - (-43) =



Here is the link to a game of subtracting integers!
Here's a video to help you understand how to subtract integers!




  1. Great job Patricia! I like the way you showed your work using the integer chips and number line. I also like how you added a video, and a game to your post!

  2. Good job Patricia! I like how you used number lines to show your work. I also like how you included a video and a link to a game to provide additional help.

  3. Great Job! Your pictures were clear to understand and your explanation was great. Your video also supported your great explanation. Overall, awesome job!



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