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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Madelaine's Pay It Forward

Part 1

What is "Pay it Forward".
Pay It Forward is when you do something to help someone or make someone happy without wanting or asking for anything in return. It's doing a random act of kindness. After you preform the act of kindness you tell the person to "Pay It Forward" and explain that you're not asking for anything in return you just hope that they could do something nice to someone else and not expect anything. It ends up as a chain reaction.

Part 2

What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?

My Pay It Forward act of kindness was to donate, books, clothes and toys to the Salvation Army with my friend Errah.

Why did you choose this activity?
I chose this activity because I had a few things lying around that I never really use and those items could be really useful to someone else. 

Who did you help? 

Hopefully I was able to help some kids because I donated clothes that are small and I donated books and toys that could make them happy.

What did you do? 

Errah and I donated a garbage bag each each of clothes, books and toys.

When did you do you act of kindness?

I did this act of kindness on December 1st, 2012. 

Part 3

How did your act of kindness go?

My act of kindness went very well because it was very easy to talk to the worker and tell her why we we're doing this. 

What Happened?

Errah and I went to the Salvation Army close to Walmart and we brought in the things we were donating. We approached a worker and we told her that we had things to donate and it was a part of a project called "Pay It Forward." Then we explained to her what it all meant.

How did you feel?

It felt really good knowing that I did something that would eventually help someone. I was happy with what I did to try and help other people out.

How did the person or people react?

The worker immediately had a smile on her face when we told her that we had things to donate. She was happy with what we brought in and she had told us that last year, some student also did this for "Pay It Forward".

Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"?

Yes we did ask the worker to "Pay It Forward".

How did they react to your request?

She reacted with a smile and she mentioned that students last year came to do the same thing. We still explained to her what "Pay It Forward" was and by then I assumed that she already knew.

Part 4

Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?

The idea of "Pay It Forward" is important because the smallest things to make someone happy could change how they cat and they could also become a better citizen. "Paying It Forward" is stating that doing one thing and telling someone else to do something good can cause a chain reaction to change the world for the better.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?

My act of kindness has somewhat made a difference because I gave someone the chance to wear warming clothing, read great books and learn from them and also play with toys. I think that the work that we told to "Pay It Forward" will also do something good for someone else and tell them the same.

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