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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

John's Pay It Forward

For my Pay It Forward , I did a bunch of small activities that helped out in my neighborhood.
At first I shoveled almost my whole street! I started with my house and continued on.
Without realizing that I've shoveled my whole street I didn't thing that was enough for my Pay It Forward.
( I don't have pictures.. I had no time to knock on my neighbors doors and ask for a pictures. )

Another good thing I've done was donate clothes to the thrift store. 
I have a lot of old clothes I've worn when I was younger. 
I've grown so much none of it fits! 
I donated 2 plastic bags worth of clothes. 
I all by myself because everyone I asked was busy doing their own PIF.
When I got there they asked why I was alone and if I was gonna buy anything. They were surprised that I went alone to donate clothes to them! 
I would have pictures on my phone but I accidentally deleted them. 

The third and last thing is that I donated canned goods to a Christmas Cheerboard. 
The thing was if you donated you get food and Christmas presents back. 
The more you donated the more you got! My mom and I brought 2 full boxes of food.
We came back with 2 boxes of food and some presents! One for me and my 3 brothers.
When I got there , there was so much people there. They must have gotten so much food.
I'm glad I helped my mom carrying the boxes and donating food. 

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