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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cheryl's Integer Scribepost

(-8) + 5=
Owe 8 and have 5

3 - (-10)=
Have 3 remove negative 10
The equivalent statement would be: 3 + 10
The first integer stays the same but you have to remove the second integer. Once you removed the second integer (negative 10) and replaced it with the opposite ( Positive 10) you add it with the first integer.

9 + (-6)=
Have 9 and owe 6
You have to use a zero pair. 

(-3) - 3=
Owe 3 remove positive 3

10 - (-5)=
First you make the equivalent statement.
Next replace the second integer (negative 5) with the opposite (+5). 
After, add the second integer with the first integer. 



  1. Good job Cheryl! Your explanation was simple and detailed which is good and your models/drawings were detailed too. I suggest putting a link on how to draw the models and how to add and remove integers.

  2. Good job Cheryl! I like how you explained how you got your answers. I also like how you included pictures. Next time, you can improve by including a link to a game.

  3. Great Work Cheryl! Your pictures really show how to get to the answer, which is good. And I really like how you added in colour to your post! I suggest you embed a video about subtracting integers and you can try including a link to your post!Overall, great job!

  4. Great Job Cheryl! I like how you explained how you got your answer for all of the questions and good job for writing it in standard form.

  5. Great Job Cheryl! Your explanation was easy to understand, but your pictures weren't very clear. Next time you should embed a video relating to this topic and add a link to a game.



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