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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jullenne's Integer Scribepost

Integers: Addition and Subtraction.

- When subtracting something that isn't there, you have to use a zero pair.

Owe 8 and Have 5

Owe 9 remove Owe 7

Have 4 and Owe 5

Have 9 remove Owe 5

Have 4 and Owe 6


  1. I like how you used some words to explain things in you pictures. I like how you showed it in standard form too! Nice pictures!

  2. Great job Jullenne~ You did well on showing the models and how to remove/add them. You also showed how to do standard form which is good because I sometimes forget.

  3. Good job Jullenne! I like how you used number lines and integer chips to show your work.

  4. Excellent Job Jullenne! I like how your pictures are able to show how you get to the answer and it is very organized. Also, I like how the numbers are in the right size so it is really easy to see! Next Time, to make your post even better, I suggest you include a link and embed a video about subtracting integers! Overall, nice work!

  5. Great job Jullenne! I like how you used colours 2 different colours to show which chip is positive and negative and your work was clear so neat so it was easy for me to see how you have showed your work.



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