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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Riah's Proportion Post

Part 1 -Definitions
  • ratio - compares two different parts in a group (eg. red:green tiles is 2:3 )
  • rate - compares two quantities measured in different units (eg. $1.50 per 100g or $1.50/100g is the rate for purchasing bulk food)
  • proportion - two equivalent fractions, ratios, and rates (eg. cats/dogs 3/6 = 1/2)
Part 2 -Questions
  1. 5 hours to travel 360 kilometers is about _____km/h.

2.  Emma saves 28 cents of every dollar that she earns.  Emma earned $75 last week.  How much money did Emma save last week?
Part 3 -Equivalent ratio statements

  •  3/4 = 12/16  or 4/9 = 16/32  

  • 1. 3/4 is equivalent to 12/16 because 3x4=12 and 4x4=16.

2.  4/9 is not equivalent to 16/32 because 4x4=16 and 9x4=36 and not 32, so there for it's not equivalent.
Part 4 

Part 5
1. Does this seem fair? 
No, it does not seem fair.
2. With what you know about proportion look and read what is in the image above.  Does it seem just and fair? 
It does not seem just and fair, because 15 years in jail for steeling a $100 isn't fair because he didn't steel the larger amount.
3. Why have you made this choice? 
I have made this choice because he didn't steel more than $3 billion and he did surrender to the police the next day. He also said he needed the money to go to the doctor, he was homeless, and hungry so he needed the money to live. He shouldn't be in jail for 15 years because that is like the punishment for murder. 
4.What would you have done if you were the judge?
If I were the judge I would put him in jail but not for 15 years maybe for at least 1 year because he only stole the money for a reason he also told the police after and didn't use it to do illegal things.

Riah Mercado 8-16


  1. 3 stars 1. defined what a ratio,rate,and proportion is 2.explained how a proportion statement is true or false 3.did the post set up correctly 1 wish: try to make my own video that explains how to solve a proportion question

  2. 3 stars. 1) Good explanation on the not equivalent question. 2) Putting pictures and examples on the definition. 3) Answering the question properly and neatly in part 2. 1 wish. Explain the answer with proportion in part 5 in question 2.



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