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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kiara Foster's Proportion Post 8-16

Part 1

Ratio- Comparison of two quantites.
Circles: squares or Squares: Circles

Rate- A ratio that compares two quantities having different units
Example: $1.69 per 100g or $1.69/100g is a rate for purchasing bulk food
also for the units 64 beats/1min.

Question: Justin shovled his lawn and his neighbors. It took him 2 hours he earned $22 dollars. How lmuch money would he earn in 1 hour?

Proportion- is twoo equivalent -Ratio

Part 2-

1. 5 hours to travel 360 kilometers is about 72km/h.

2. Emma saves 28 cents of every dollar that she earns. Emma earned $75 last week. How much money did Emma save last

Part 3

Way 1 Horizontial

                                  Way 2 Diagonal
Way 3 Vertical

Task 5

1. Does this seem fair?
No, I dont think it is fair.

2. With what you know about proportion look and read what is in the image above. Does it seem just and fair?
No, I still don't it's fair.

3. Why have you made this choice?
Because the homeless guy got sentenced for 15 years in jail for just stealing $100, but then turned his self in the next for being guilty. As when the other guy gets sentenced for only 4o months when he stole $3 billion.

4.What would you have done if you were the judge?
If I were the judge, I would've sentenced the homeless guy for only 1-2 months. As for the other guy I would've sentenced him for more than 15 years in jail. Or I would reduced if he returned the money back which he probably didn't.

Part 6
Kid In the woods
My Question for this picture is How tall is the kid and how tall is the tree and what kind of tree it is.

So I searched the Average size of a 13-14 year old boy 9because he looks my age).
And it is 5'4-5'7 and I'm gonna choose 5'6(1.69m) because I see alot of boys taller than me or my height. So that answers my first question and which is gonna help me with my next question.

So my next question  is how tall the trees are. 
So the trees are about 3 of my thumbs. The boy is 1 of my thumbs.
and the boy is about 5'6 so then. 5.6x3=16.8.
so then it is 16 feet and 8 inches tall. 
The trees are approx. 16'8ft tall.

And the tree is Birch tree because I've seen in millions of times when I go camping and use to always ask what the tree is called to my family.

Yours truly,
Kiara Foster 8-16

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