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Friday, October 12, 2012

Marco's Proportion Post

Part 1

Ratio - The relation between amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other.
Rate - Comparison to one number for another number
Proportion - A part, share, or number considered in comparative relation to a whole.

 Part 2

  1. 5 hours to travel 360 kilometers is about _____km/h.
  2.  Emma saves 28 cents of every dollar that she earns.  Emma earned $75 last week.  How much money did Emma save last week?
1. 5 hours to travel 360 kilometers is about 72 km/h

2. Emma saved $21

Part 3

Part 4

Task 5

1. Yes
2. It is fair because at least the homeless man will have shelter and food instead of outside where he has nothing.
3. I have chosen this answer because even  if the homeless man is in jail, he would have shelter and food.
4. If I were the judge, I would`ve did the same thing.

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