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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jullenne's Math Parent Quiz Post

Ratio Rate Proportion ( Jullenne's Proportion Post )
Peter runs 200 m in 30s while his sister Eva runs 300 m in 36s.
  • Who is the faster runner? Explain how you can tell.
  • At the same rate, how far will each runner go in 2 minutes?

A bicycle is on sale for 10% off the originally price of $420. when it does not sell, the store reduces the sale price by another 5%.  What is the final price of the bicycle?

Surface Area
Calculate the Surface Area of the net below.

Fractions (
Jullenne's Fraction Scribepost)
Chad likes to eat Honeycomb for breakfast every day.  He eats 3/4 of a box per week. 
  • How much of the box does he eat each day?
  • How many boxes of Honeycomb does he eat each year?

Algebra Equation Solving( Jullenne's Algebra Unproject )

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